The West End Graffiti Task Force

Inspired by Keeping America Beautiful, the West End Graffiti Task Force works with the community to remove graffiti vandalism and is a part of a large project called, "West Beautiful." This project focuses on beautifying the West End by locating graffiti vandalism, removing it, and then implementing ways to prevent reoccurrence. The West End Graffiti Task Force will meet once a month and work with the community to process requests for removal. Our efforts rely on volunteer support and commitment. If you'd like to be a part of the Task Force, simply fill out the form below! Do your part by reporting graffiti vandalism and we will do our part by removing it. If you'd like to submit a request for removal, complete the "Request for Removal" form and provide pictures of the area(s).

Follow this page for updates on when the Graffiti Task Force will begin processing removal requests. Contact Sequoia at [email protected] or by calling 681-204-5764 for questions or concerns.

How Does Graffiti Effect a Community

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Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to a neighborhood. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that “graffiti contributes to lost revenue associated with reduced ridership on transit systems, reduced retail sales, and declined property value.”


The West End Graffiti Task Force will work to educate homeowners and business owners about how graffiti affects a community by using Keep America Beautiful Graffiti Prevention resources. We can use the prevention resources to organize a team, evaluate the community’s graffiti problem, develop a plan of action, track and evaluate results, and publicize and sustain success.
Read about the steps the task force will take in regard to removing graffiti vandalism. 


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We encourage the community to report to the West End Graffiti Task Force and then report the crime to the Huntington City Police by using the non-emergency number or 3-1-1. The Graffiti Task Force will have a “Request for Removal" form for the community to submit their contact information, pictures of the affected area, and the location. As the Graffiti Task Force, it is our job to make sure the crime is properly reported to the police before removal.

Identifying and Documenting

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The West End Graffiti Task Force will work with the community to identify the type of graffiti vandalism and the surface area tagged. The West End Graffiti Task Force will take before and after pictures as photographs will assist law enforcement and help with document successes. 

Removing and Creating Preventions

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The West End Graffiti Task Force will be supplied with the proper equipment and safety gear to remove the graffiti promptly and quickly. In public areas and areas of reoccurrence, the West End Graffiti Task Force will create a prevention strategy. Prevention strategies can include but are not limited to, creating a mini-mural, adding lighting fixtures, or planting a shrub or tree. We welcome new ideas!

Want to get involved? Fill out the form below.

Want to make a report? Fill out the "Request for Removal" form below. Contact Sequoia at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.