Meet Carrie Huff @ Winter Arts Fest

Last Updated 2/7/2024in Winter Arts Fest 2024

Carrie Huff, the creative mind behind AdeLynnCreations, is a seasoned artisan with a passion for crafting elegant jewelry. With a career in legal roles within Federal and State Government, Carrie retired as a Federal Investigator for the Department of Labor in 2016. Since graduating from Marshall University in 1992, Carrie has dedicated herself to her family, celebrating 45 years of marriage and cherishing her daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and son-in-law.

In 2010, amidst the demands of her career, Carrie discovered jewelry making as a therapeutic outlet, sparking a newfound passion for creativity. Even after retiring, Carrie's love for crafting persisted, leading her to establish AdeLynnCreations. She finds joy in the artistic process and delights in sharing her creations with others.

Notably, Carrie's line of green and white bracelets, adorned with Marshall's Marco accents, has garnered attention and admiration. Explore Carrie's exquisite jewelry collection on Etsy at AdeLynnMae24 or connect with her on Facebook to discover the timeless beauty of AdeLynnCreations. 

Joining her is her great-niece, Sara York, of Milton WV. Sara says, "I have been making jewelry with AdeLynnMae for one year. I make necklaces and bracelets, but I am most skilled at making earrings. I consider our family to be creative. Other than jewelry design, some of my other creative outlets are dancing, sewing, crocheting, and creating floral arrangments."

Meet Carrie and Sara during Winter Arts Fest at the Wild Ramp Online Food Hub! The City of Huntington will also be putting on a community activity for the PATH project. Join in!

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