Experience the Gwendolyn Gorby Exhibit @ Winter Arts Fest

Last Updated 2/7/2024in Winter Arts Fest 2024

Gwendolyn Gorby was born and raised in the Ohio River Valley period. Her mother, Edna Gorby was an artist and filled their home with a love of art. Gwen graduated from the Ohio State University in 1984 and escaped the bitter winter weather by migrating to the south. She now lives in the countryside near Birmingham, Alabama with her son, John Corby Carpenter, and various pets, including dogs, Coach, chicken, chickens, peacocks, and a donkey. The subjects of her paintings and charcoals are found in the people in places she encounters during her adventures with Gorby. She once said “In my work, I want to bring the attention of a busy world to someone or something that may otherwise be overlooked… To share those hidden treasures.”

Experience the Gwendolyn Gorby Exhibit at Pam's Marketplace during Winter Arts Fest 2024!
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