Artist Feature: Sydney Stewart @ Gallery 610

Last Updated 2/15/2024In Winter Arts Fest 2024

Sydney Stewart, a resident of Rush KY, and small business owner, shares her story with me as she prepares for her malachite series at Gallery 610 titled, “Stone Guardians.” Stewart, the owner of Spiritual So Simple, offers a variety of spiritual and healing services such as counseling, spiritual healing, psychic work, group sessions, paranormal work, and even workshops. Her artistry plays an important part in her work as she is known for offering aura portraits, allowing her clients to see what she is seeing as she helps them determine what their aura readings mean.

Rooted in a rich history of Earth worship and guided by her Cherokee Indian heritage, Stewart's journey into metaphysical realms began at the tender age of seven, under the reassuring wisdom of her grandfather. Fast forward to 2016, and her metaphysical endeavors blossomed, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Today, she engages in personalized sessions, group gatherings, and workshops, fueled by a profound passion for aura anatomy. Her passion for aura anatomy shows as she explains that she is even working on writing an educational book about aura anatomy and the 7 layers of the aura, similar to the 7 chakra layers.
Stewart says you can expect to see the clairvoyance that comes with working with stones and minerals in her latest show at Gallery 610. “So whenever I'm working with like Malachite or Fluorite, Rose Quartz, tourmaline, or anything, if you focus on it enough, you can get more information about it,” Stewart said. “And whenever I was working to paint the pieces that I have over in the Gallery, it would be a period of like going into a trance into like a meditation, and I would find faces I would find information that would come forward to the stones.” Stewart added that the process is interesting for most people who are fascinated in spiritual work. She will be in the Gallery Feb. 3rd from 12PM-4PM for anyone who would want to hear her speak or learn more about the work she does.
Stewart has a deep passion for helping people as she said it gives her a feeling of “coming home.” She said she does this because she loves to offer her gifts as services to those in need and loves to make connections with her clients. Stewart also said, “So I like to kind of draw the connection that we're all kind of like stained glass. And there's only one light in the middle. So depending on what art you're looking at, even though we see things from varying perspectives, it's all going to be one thing, like it goes back to like, we're all one. So again, it's about connection is what it goes back down to for sure.”
Immerse yourself in the world of Sydney Stewart at Gallery 610 on Feb. 3rd, and anticipate her return for the Winter Arts Fest on Feb. 29th at Village Antiques, where she'll be stationed to offer captivating mini aura portraits. Experience the fusion of art, spirituality, and healing with a soul who believes, above all, in the power of connection.
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