Picasso Portrait by Jamie Sloane: Sloane Square Gallery's Playful, New Addition

Last Updated 12/4/2023

In the heart of Huntington, WV, art enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Sloane Square Gallery proudly presents Jamie Sloane's latest masterpiece—a captivating portrait of the legendary Pablo Picasso. Sloane's work, a mesmerizing blend of oil, acrylic, and unconventional materials, stands as a testament to the enduring influence of Picasso on artists.

A reminder to be "playful and free"

For Jamie Sloane, Picasso is not just a revered figure in art history but a muse that sparks creativity and encourages a playful exploration of the mind. In an interview, Sloane shared, "Picasso inspires and reminds me to be playful and let my mind be free." The artist expressed how he rediscovered the importance of freeing one's mind from intense focus while immersed in a particular piece. Picasso became Sloane's guiding reminder to embrace artistic freedom.

The Creative Process

Sloane's portrait of Picasso is a mixed-media masterpiece, pushing conventional artistic materials' boundaries. The canvas comes alive with a harmonious fusion of oil and acrylic, but what sets this artwork apart is the unexpected inclusion of a used napkin from lunch, tissue paper, dog fur, and recycled cardboard from an Amazon box. These materials add texture and serve as symbolic elements, reflecting Picasso's liking for incorporating everyday items into his art.

The creation of this portrait was not just a playful yet meticulous process, but also a personal journey for Sloane. As he carefully blended colors and textures, he allowed Picasso's spirit to guide him. The recycled cardboard and used napkin serve as a tangible connection between the viewer and the artist, inviting them to contemplate the layers of creativity and playfulness that went into the piece.

Looking Forward

Jamie Sloane encourages shoppers and art enthusiasts to be on the lookout for upcoming exhibits and special events at Sloane Square Gallery in 2024. They plan to end the year with ASAP's Holiday House Tour event, which they are still selling tickets for!

Jamie Sloane's new portrait of Pablo Picasso is a captivating testament to the enduring influence of the master himself. It serves as a vibrant reminder to embrace the playful spirit of art and to let creativity flow freely—a lesson we can all draw inspiration from in our own creative endeavors.

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